A paradox of food subsidies “Cesta Básica” in Timor-Leste.

The basics food basket (Cesta Básica) is a new concept of state food subsidies. The idea behind this policy is to help vulnerable and marginalized groups with some essential food items. Moreover, this program is designed for the COVID-19 economic recovery package in Timor-Leste to subsidize every Timorese citizen to ensure that three meals aContinue reading “A paradox of food subsidies “Cesta Básica” in Timor-Leste.”

Glance-back the tradition of All Souls’ Day: How do we celebrate it in Tutuala?

Sitting outside in my little gazebo, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and quiet streets of Palapaso, Dili, it evokes my desire to write something about all souls’ day. Not because I feel lonely, nor because everyone going back to the village on vacation and celebrates this special day with their families, but maybe this is alsoContinue reading “Glance-back the tradition of All Souls’ Day: How do we celebrate it in Tutuala?”

Tamba sá Dezenvolvimentu Agrikultura La’o hanesan Lenuk?

Autor: Leovogildo Belarmino (Kaisala Ara) Planu estratéjia, kualidade jestaun no programa ne’ebe la klaru sai hun ba problema dezenvolvimentu agrikultura. Nune’e mos jestaun parseria ba utilizasaun rekurusu sira seluk sei konsidera fraku tebes. Fenomena sira ne’e sai impaktu husi polítika governu ne’ebé estagnada no halo dezenvolvimentu agrikultura lao hanesan Lenuk. Iha diskursu públiku kona-ba Timor-LesteContinue reading “Tamba sá Dezenvolvimentu Agrikultura La’o hanesan Lenuk?”